Deconvoluting Intricate Cellular Processes to Fast-Track Target Validation & De-risk the Initiation of Induced Proximity Pipelines for Novel Targets

Time: 9:05 am
day: Pre-Conference Day


Precise target credentialing is indispensable for advancing induced proximity modalities beyond PROTACs, ensuring their specificity, efficacy, and safety. While PROTACs center on the directed degradation of target proteins, next-generation induced proximity modalities seek to intricately influence cellular processes by orchestrating close-proximity interactions between proteins. Whilst this poses huge therapeutic opportunity, it is paired with added complexities in validating the biological significance of selected targets, many of which are poorly elucidated, and strategically refining the design of molecules to induce proximity.

This workshop will discuss:

  • How to define the criteria for selecting specific targets in induced proximity modalities beyond PROTACs?
  • How to streamline deep biological deconvolution?
  • What are the advancing experimental techniques for target validation?
  • How to determine if novel induced proximity modalities offer improved efficiency to other modalities, for a given indication?