4th Annual Induced Proximity-Based Drug Discovery Summit

As recent advances in next-generation induced proximity modalities progress from the bench to the clinic, the 4th Annual Induced Proximity-Based Drug Discovery Summit returns with 3 days of jam-packed insights to address your burning questions, including:

How to identify and validate suitable chemical targets for non-degrading heterobifunctional and monovalent drugs?

How to accelerate the hit discovery of novel binders and ligands?

How can advanced computing supplement the rational design and discovery of potent and selectively induced proximity modalities?

How to elucidate the intricate cellular biology, regulatory mechanisms and protein chemistry governing ternary complex formation?

What are the design principles for developing targeted stabilization, modulation, post-translational modification, and degrading small molecules and biologics?

Uniting 60+ large and small molecule drug discovery experts from platform biology, medicinal chemistry, chemical biology, and proteomics departments of biopharma, this meeting is your ultimate opportunity to form new industry connections and increase the disease-targeting space of modulating, stabilizing, and degrading drugs.

5 Reasons To Not Miss Out:


Supercharge the hit discovery of highly selective recruiters, ligands and glues through DNA encoded libraries, phenotypical screening and mass spectroscopy with input from Kronos Bio, Rapafusyn Pharmaceuticals & Vicinitas Therapeutics


Overcome challenges in co-opting unendogenous protein partners with proteomics, interrogating protein-protein interfaces and profiling ternary complexes with insights from Apertor Pharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca & Lyterian Therapeutics


Propel the development of stabilizing modalities across broad targets with advances in validating DUBTACs and molecular glues with insights from Magnet Biomedicine, The Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard & Gandeeva Therapeutics


Unlock novel disease targets by fuelling the development of targeted phosphorylation, methylation and chromatin modulation drugs with improved precision and safety with insights from Photys Therapeutics & Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


Advance targeted degradation beyond the ubiquitin-proteasome system, by tapping into bispecific antibodies for lysosomal clearance and autophagy receptor targeting small molecules with insights from EpiBiologics, AUTOTAC Bio & Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Hear what Leaders of the Field Have to Say: