Welcome to the 2nd Induced Proximity-Based Drug Discovery Summit

What is induced proximity?

Induced proximity is a novel approach to tackle difficult to drug targets and diseases through the development of medicines that act like a molecular matchmaker by bringing two things together.

Instead of trying to grapple with difficult targets on their own, induced proximity medicines mobilize biological mechanisms (effectors) to do the heavy lifting. These biological mechanisms have a specific purpose in the body that can be co-opted to alter a disease-causing protein (target). While induced proximity medicines can be complex and may pose new development challenges, they have important advantages over their conventional medicine counterparts.

While PROTACs or more drug-like molecular glues for targeted protein degradation are leading the way for induced proximity medicines, there are many additional mechanisms one could envision which makes the future potential of these drugs staggering.

As the community strives to unlock the vast potential of induced proximity drug discovery, this is the specific in person scientific and networking forum set to provide you with actionable insights to allow you to stay ahead of the curve, and develop novel therapies for paradigm-changing multispecific drugs of the future.


Top Session Highlights you missed in 2022:

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Understand the full potential of induced proximity medicines for investigative and therapeutic purposed to bolster your pipeline and ensure you are on the path for success with Stanford University

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Join discussions on non-traditional degradation approaches utilizing proximity to target inter and extra cellular targets with Amgen and Ranok Therapeutics

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Investigate non-small molecule approaches to inducing proximity using covalent molecules and bispecific T-cell engagers to enable precise modulation of protein function with Revitope and Ancorra Biotech

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Discover how bifunctional molecules can induce posttranslational modifications for therapeutic benefit with Harvard Medical School and University of Pennsylvania

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Uncover approaches that modulate protein-protein interactions and the tools required to predict protein-protein interfaces in drug development with Centrose Pharma, Ambagon Therapeutics and Triana Biomedicines

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