4th Annual Induced Proximity-Based Drug Discovery Summit

Uniting Large Pharma, Innovative Biotech & Leading Academics to Radically Advance Heterobifunctional & Monovalent Drug Discovery Beyond Degradation

The 4th induced proximity-based drug discovery summit - includes biotech and pharma companies such as Astellas, Astrazeneca, Magnet Biomedicine, and novartis

As PROTACs continue to advance, there remains a vast frontier of untapped potential in heterobifunctional and monovalent approaches, extending beyond the ubiquitin proteasome system. This uncharted territory is attracting new and distinguished players in the biopharmaceutical arena, all competing to pioneer advancements in targeted stabilization, modulation, post-translational modification, and inactivation/activation modalities.

Navigating this emerging proximity phenomenon presents considerable challenges, including persisting knowledge gaps in validating novel mechanisms of action, accessing diverse chemical matter, and designing selective and potent small molecules and biologics for novel target spaces.

The 4th Annual Induced Proximity-Based Drug Discovery Summit returns as the definitive and longest-standing forum dedicated to demonstrating the feasibility of protein stabilization, modulation, and post-translational modification.

As the community makes early breakthroughs, join us to address your pressing questions through data-driven presentations, technical discussions, and interactive sessions. We look forward to bringing together over 60 induced proximity experts committed to exploring the application of induced proximity across diverse fields, both within and beyond protein degradation.

Mark your calendar and be part of this pivotal event shaping the future of drug discovery!

What's New for 2024?


Extensive technical content covering the latest advancements in identifying, validating and developing DUBTACs, CyTACs, EpiTACs, PHICs, AUTOTACs, epigenetic modulators, chromatin remodellers, stabilizing and inactivating heterobifunctionals and molecular glues with improved selectivity and safety.


A new cohort of expert speakers and organizations presenting from the likes of Apertor Pharmaceuticals, EpiBiologics, Genentech, Magnet Biomedicine, Solu Therapeutics & Vicinitas Therapeutics.


Expert-led pre-conference workshops delving into aspirations of the induced proximity community, including fast-tracking target selection and validation and expanding the viable targets for stabilization by identifying novel protein partners for DUBTACs.

Who’s Attending in 2024

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