Goutham Narla

Goutham Narla

Company: University of Michigan

Job title: Professor, Department of Internal Medicine / Chief, Division of Genetic Medicine


PANEL DISCUSSION: Finding the Gaps – Discussing the Unmet Needs that Novel Modalities Are Filling to Push the Therapeutic Limits of Induced Proximity 10:45 am

Evaluating hard-to-drug targets that novel approaches can unlock Bridging the gap between a clinically relevant target and a therapeutic modification How to design unbiased screens to find binders across the proteomeRead more

day: Conference Day Two

Promoting Stable Ternary Structure Formation to Drive Co-operative Protein Interactions that Lead to Sustained Therapeutic Effect 3:05 pm

Stable ternary structures are crucial to driving co-operative protein-protein Workshop Leaders: interaction that ultimately result in a functional induced proximity drug. However, basic understanding of chemical properties of heterobifunctional drugs that drive these interactions and create stable ternary structures is often lacking, especially in the case of newer modalities. Understanding these properties is very important…Read more

day: Workshop A

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