Promoting Stable Ternary Structure Formation to Drive Co-operative Protein Interactions that Lead to Sustained Therapeutic Effect

Time: 3:05 pm
day: Workshop A


Stable ternary structures are crucial to driving co-operative protein-protein Workshop Leaders: interaction that ultimately result in a functional induced proximity drug. However, basic understanding of chemical properties of heterobifunctional drugs that drive these interactions and create stable ternary structures is often lacking, especially in the case of newer modalities. Understanding these properties is very important for predicting ternary structures and mechanisms of action.

This workshop will bring together key experts in the field of protein structure and interaction to discuss the above, and support you with:

  • Understanding the relevant chemical properties that drive effective heterobifunctional drug function
  • Studying stable ternary structures to predict co-operative protein-protein interactions
  • Optimizing ternary structure formation to promote co-operative proteinprotein interactions (PPI)