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“Local increase in concentrations is a basic principle in chemistry and a major force governing all biological interactions, making proximity a critical principle of life. Not understanding proximity can skew ones understanding of how cells work and how complex multicellular organisms function.”

James Prudent, CEO, Centrose Pharma


“A great forum for all researchers working actively in induced proximity.”

Jesse Chen, CTO, Santi Therapeutics

Nate Hathaway

“This meeting brings together leaders across the globe focused on an exciting area capitalizing on advanced chemistry, bioengineering and cell biology... allowing for exquisite control of diverse biological pathways with small molecules that bridge two protein partners into close molecular proximity to drive downstream enzymatic processes.”

Nate Hathaway, UNC

Goutham Narla

“The value of taking part at this meeting is the opportunity to learn from colleagues and leaders in the field about the opportunities and challenges in developing small and large molecules approaches to drive proximity induced changes in credentialed drug targets.”

Goutham Narla, University of Michigan

Anthony Rullo

“Exceptionally high value conference given the targeted and focused nature of the meeting, really putting all the specialists and stake holders in close proximity.”

Anthony Rullo, Mcmaster University


“As the field of induced proximity continues to mature, this meeting provides an exciting new forum to discuss common themes and distinctions in the development of next-generation drug modalities.”

Scott A. Kanner, Stablix

Patti Giblin

"Induced proximity-based approaches are diverse and offer multiple avenues for the discovery and development of novel therapeutics. Having the opportunity to participate in a meeting where these concepts are discussed across disciplines offers a great environment to discuss the opportunities and challenges that are faced with these approaches with the aim of advancing the field overall."

Patti Giblin, Revitope Oncology