Kevin Foley

“The emerging field of induced proximity is poised to transform the discovery of novel therapeutics.  This conference is an excellent opportunity to interact with thought leaders in this exciting area.”

Kevin Foley, Ranok Therapeutics

Jamie Kasuboski

“I have been an investor and cofounder of two proximity-based biotech and bring an investor perspective on the field and it its development. These views are primarily been from a ground up approach as a cofounder, but also as a top-down investor that serves the field and looks for larger trends and outcomes”

Jamie Kasuboski, OMX Ventures

Matthias Brand

“The field was lacking a meeting with a strong focus on monovalent inducers of protein-protein interactions. It is a great opportunity to follow the latest developments in this fast-paced field and exchange thoughts with the scientific leaders.”

Matthias Brand, Proxygen

Goutham Narla

“This meeting will provide further knowledge and expertise in the development and validation of novel molecular and pharmaceutic approaches to target protein-protein interactions.”

Goutham Narla, University of Michigan

Cristina Mayor-Ruiz

“I am passionate about the “dimerizer” drug concept. This meeting is a stimulating opportunity to see fore-front research around the chemical modulation of enzyme interactomes”

Cristina Mayor-Ruiz, IRB Barcelona